Freitag, Januar 10


Yesterday I wore two pieces I bought a few days ago. I always wanted to have a striped piece in my collection, and this transparent top is perfect, it's easy to style and has a nice detail on the back! ...and also it was only 8,99€ ^^ at New Yorker. I'm shopping often there lately!
The other thing I bought it the embroidered hotpants, it was on sale for 14,99€ which I think is a good deal since high waisted hotpants are very hard to find over here. I love high waisted hotpants because i think they suit me better than normal ones, but the problem is that they never seem to be exactly at my waist...i'm too tall i guess.

Don't ask me how I put that outfit together, i don't know, I just did it. (<---the answer for every fashion-releated question!)

I think this outfit would look way cooler with creepers, but the ones i ordered on amazon have still not arrived yet...I'm so excited to style some outfits with them (if they fit and look good, of course)!

top, hotpants, blouse - New Yorker
bag - Pimkie
shoes - Zign (via
earrings - h&m
bracelets - vintage
headband - Primark
necklaces - no-name brand / vintage

have an awesome weekend!


  1. I really love your necklace and your t-shirt but the whole outfit is gorgeous, just like always :)

    1. thank you so damn much, your comments always make me smile!! :)<333